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Fernando Ayats

Fernando Ayats

I am a passionate individual with a strong interest in the field on Linux. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Systems and Computating Engineering Research, focusing on advancing my knowledge in this field. I graduated in Aerospace Engineering, where I developed a custom flight simulator as part of my degree’s thesis and internship.

Feel free to contact me with any of the links above.

The source code of this webpage is in viperML/neohome.


Why you don't need flake-utils

·6 mins
Learn why flake-utils can fail on you, and some alternative solutions to handling multiple system outputs.

Nix shell with rustup

·3 mins
Call a toolchain.toml from nix, for better interoperability with non-nix developers

Filtering flake's self

·2 mins
Quick tutorial about filtering a flake’s self attribute, to avoid unnecessary recompilation.

Declarative Ubuntu

·5 mins
Experiment to have a Ubuntu installation managed declaratively, instead of imperatively

Channels to flakes

·4 mins
Pin your channels and registry in a flake-based NixOS or home-manager installation

Into the Nix

·4 mins
A short introduction to what is Nix, how it works, and what it can do for you