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Fernando Ayats

Fernando Ayats

Hello there!

I am Fernando, and this is my personal website where I blog about stuff, mainly NixOS and Linux related. I hope you find it interesting! The source code for this webpage is in

Feel free to contact me by LinkedIn.


Why you don't need flake-utils

·6 mins
Learn why flake-utils can fail on you, and some alternative solutions to handling multiple system outputs.

Nix shell with rustup

·3 mins
Call a toolchain.toml from nix, for better interoperability with non-nix developers

Filtering flake's self

·2 mins
Quick tutorial about filtering a flake’s self attribute, to avoid unnecessary recompilation.

Declarative Ubuntu

·5 mins
Experiment to have a Ubuntu installation managed declaratively, instead of imperatively

Channels to flakes

·4 mins
Pin your channels and registry in a flake-based NixOS or home-manager installation

Into the Nix

·4 mins
A short introduction to what is Nix, how it works, and what it can do for you